About Wild Art Watercolors

Thank you for visiting Wild Art Watercolors. I hope you find something to love here in my paintings, prints and jewelry inspired by wildlife and nature.

In addition to my original watercolors, drawings and prints, I enjoy creating jewelry using mini prints of my original paintings. You can have your favorite bird, animal or lighthouse close to your heart!
I'm now offering drawing classes and creative writing classes both one on one and in small groups to help open your artist eye and learn technique and expression. I also love connecting with other makers and building community to offer curated art events such as the Gull Harbor Art and Craft show and my own virtual private studio showings.
I'm always honored when you select one of my creations, whether it's a postcard, piece of jewelry or an original painting. I welcome commissions and I'd love to hear from you to create a piece of jewelry or a painting that would bring you joy. 

Nancy Clark Broach, Artist

Meet the Artist

I discovered watercolor painting while visiting the cloud forest of Costa Rica in 1983 and it continues to be my favorite medium for capturing the soft mists and diffused light of the Pacific Northwest I now call home. I also enjoy revisiting my memories of the wild beautiful coast and lighthouses of the East Coast in my art.


My hope is that my creations will impart a sense of sanctuary and memory and capture nature’s beauty.  It is my purpose to share joy with my art and classes while encouraging others to open their own vision of the beauty that surrounds us in nature.